Monday, July 15, 2019

Keeping it simple- a quick engagement and a TUESDAY wedding

This engagement may go down as my shortest one I've ever worked with- just 2 months. But here's the good story....

 Luke is in the USMC, and he and Lexi had been in the friend zone for a long time - like lots of years in the friend zone. Their faith and family had tons in common. They lived in separate towns, and one day while on leave, Luke got in touch with his good friend, Lexi. They went to hang out and see if it might be more than a friendship that they had, and sure enough... She got in the car after that first date and said to herself "I'm going to marry him!" He knew the same, and was sold. 

He then was deployed for a few months, and sometime during all that, he popped the question and Lexi said yes. :)  

The two of them didn't care for the wedding process to be complicated, especially since Luke was being moved to a different military base soon. So, they looked at a few dates within the next two months, and finally decided on a TUESDAY, 5-14-19. And what better way can you spend a Tuesday evening? (except maybe at Taco Tuesday- just kidding Lexi). Plus, many wedding vendors, including myself, have special rates and discounts for weekday weddings, so they saved a lot of $. 

Greenwood Plantation has a beautiful setup 100% of the time, so the was an easy choice for this smaller wedding. They did a first look, which enabled us plenty of private time to take some gorgeous photos of the two of them. 

Lexi + Luke have to be the happiest couple I've photographed in a long time, and that makes such a difference in beautiful wedding pictures. Perhaps a short engagement and a Tuesday wedding is the ticket!

Secret handshake anyone?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Converting over to social....

Have you ever read the book Essentialism by Greg Kowen? It's a fabulous book about keeping things (stuff, time, activities) in your life SIMPLE. It's been a concept that doesn't come naturally to me, but in applying it, I'm loving the effect of simplifying, of saying no, and only saying "yes" to the things that truly matter and are worth my time. I've cleaned out my closet. I'm working on cleaning out my shed, my kitchen, and my calendar.

Let's take this blog for example. There is no phone app for blogging anymore. If I blog, put up a facebook post, and put something on instagram from every photo shoot I did, it would take over an hour each to get that done. Not to mention, it's triplicate work.

I like looking back through the blog, so I'm not totally discontinuing it. But, in efforts to SIMPLIFY and actually get pictures out there quicker, easier, and more consistently, I'm steering away from this blog and focusing efforts on the social media pages I love and can quickly post to- specifically our Instagram and Facebook pages. Plus, all of our current full proofing galleries are easy to scroll through and see all in one place.

Here are the links, and I hope to meet you there! PS check out the Essentialism book...

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