Friday, May 25, 2018

Other services we offer.. Art digitazation, film scanning, old photo restoration, photo printing

I was talking with one of our local attorneys yesterday at a Chamber of Commerce event, and we both agreed that being a small-town photographer (or businessperson in general) often means that you need to be able to do a wider range of services. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite projects that are out of the normal "photo shoot" realm. I really enjoy these!

Art digitization. 

St. Francisville is full of talented artists, and often, those need to be able to sell prints or downloads. This project was for an estate full of family art, where the owner of the art wanted to be able to share the art with the rest of his family in book format or prints. We went to his home and photographed every piece of the heirloom art and gave him a digital copy of each, in high-resolution.

Old photograph restoration and printing

 Of course, we used to not have home computers, and photos were all processed in print format. This was a photo of Kevin Tomb (our local pharmacist in Jackson) as a little boy. His wife had me fix the photo and print a larger copy for Kevin.

This one was from Russ Wray, capturing some great memories from when he was younger. These printed beautifully on a large metal substrate for his office.

Photo and art printing, books, and canvas printing

It's hard to get quality large photos locally, especially since Kadair's closed years ago.  As long as you have printing rights, we can serve as your printing lab here at a discounted rate from our usual print prices.  We can also design and print books, canvases, on metal and wood, and can print framed products.

Film processing

 I used to photograph with film when I first started! One summer I spent at the Grand Canyon and photographed every hike with my old film camera. I just saw that my photo lab now offers film processing, which means I can send those rolls of film off for you to either get digitized, and/or get prints from them.

Let me know if I can help you or your business with any of the above. 225-721-1313

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