Friday, April 27, 2018

Who says weddings have to be big?

One side of weddings that I don't show too often is the super-small weddings that I get to do. It's not unusual for me to be one of 12 guests at a wedding from time to time. Kevin Dreher (our local small wedding officiant) and I have worked MANY of these weddings together. St. Francisville is a perfect place for small destination weddings in Louisiana. We have the oak trees, lots of bed & breakfasts, and lots of beauty and warm days.

Sheen and Tim had just their kids and a few family members and friends at their Saturday evening wedding at Shadetree Inn. Guests included the B&B owner, KW, and his dog.

The ceremony was short and sweet, held on the ridge below the swing at Shadetree Inn's back yard. Sheena made her own bouquet.

For me personally, small weddings are fabulous because 1. they're a little lower stress, and 2. the couple always allows me plenty of time for a portrait session of the two of them. They don't have 300 guests waiting to visit with them, so we can take our time and go around the facilities to look for great light and portrait locations.

After portraits, signing the license, and a toast, the family just played on the swings and visited.

Congratulations, Sheena and Tim. Thank you for having me as one of the few in attendance at your wedding!

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