Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Head Shot Day- Monday, February 19th, 2018

Head Shot Day- Monday, Feb. 19th
Hey guys! Marketing has taken such a twist over the last five years. Whereas people used to shop based on professionalism, now shoppers have taken to wanting to know the story behind the business before they buy.

What story is your head shot telling these days? Whether you're marketing your services, your products, or just yourself, it's probably time for a new head shot. We're having our first annual
Head Shot Day on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 2018.  It's one day of head shots at our St. Francisville studio. For $45 and 30 minutes of time (normally $100), you can get a professional head shot on a grey backdrop in studio or a greenery backdrop outdoors.  You'll leave the studio with one edited head shot in high-res and web-sized with personal and commercial licensing.

Give us a call, text, or facebook message to set up your time for your new HEAD SHOT on MONDAY, FEB 19th.  We'll be setting up people every 15 minutes. 225-721-1313. Facebook.com/taramariephoto 

Can't come on the 19th? We can set up on site at your business.
Don't know how to use your head shot? We can show you and teach you. 

Need group, facility, or other marketing photos? We can come to you.


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