Friday, September 28, 2018

Bree + Tim

Bree and Tim's wedding was neat to me for a couple reasons, one being that my husband was the officiant! Josh is the preacher at the cowboy church in Zachary (Cross Creek Cowboy Church) and doesn't officiate too many weddings, but Bree and Tim thought that he would be a great fit for them.
We got to attend the rehearsal the Thursday night before the wedding, and enjoyed getting to know some more of their family members.


Venues- Chapel at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Gabriel's House of Events
DJ - DJ Kool-Aid, Plaquemine
Makeup - Kristi Waldrop
Hair - H&Co by Hope
Florist - Sloane Florist, Plaquemine
Cakes - Ms. Lillian Broussard
Catering - Gabriel's House of Events
Dress - Bridal Boutique
Decor - Gabriel's House of Events

Friday, August 17, 2018

Andrea & Jason- small wedding at the Bluffs

Andrea and Jason's small family-only wedding at the Bluffs of St. Francisville was very sweet. Andrea works in property management, and Jason is into golfing. Their vacation home is at the Bluffs, and it seemed like the perfect place to do a small wedding. 

Between the two of them, they have 5 kids and 2 grandchildren who were fun to photograph.

Congratulations, y'all!

Dunleith Plantation = a great place for a Wednesday destination tiny wedding

Dunleith Plantation in Natchez- y'all- it's stunning. The grounds are gorgeous, the house is clean and well-cared for, the rooms and hallways are spacious, the porches are spotless, and the light is perfect on front, back, and sides for photography. Weddings that I've done there have had amazing food as well.

Valerie & Brendan, coming from New Orleans, wanted to keep their wedding very small and simple. They love to travel and explore together, so when they recently explored Natchez and saw Dunleith, they decided THAT was the place they should get married. So, they scheduled the wedding for a random Wednesday afternoon, got the JP, photographer, venue, and cake, and voila- wedding.

Valerie was so very sweet, and always entertained by Brendan. She told me that she actually picked out two dresses and couldn't decide, so she let Brendan see both of them and help her decide. Regardless of already seeing her in that dress, he was enamored by her when she came down the steps, ready for the tiny justice of the peace ceremony.

Just as we were about to start the ceremony, with only me, Ginnie (the site coordinator) and the judge as witnesses, in walks this couple. They had met at the bar the night before and ended up going swimming together, and somewhere in the drunken mix, Valerie & Brendan invited them to the wedding ceremony.

After the short ceremony with the judge, we did a little cake-cutting and then a portrait session around Dunleith. The little greenhouse was a request by Valerie, because she wants a greenhouse in her future, and those ended up being some of my favorite images from the day.

I can't think of much better way to spend a Wednesday evening than photographing a wedding like this.

PS- A couple interesting note about the two- Brendan is a horse & carriage driver in New Orleans, and they together own a New Orleans VRBO!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Kelsey and Caleb's wedding, Jackson, Louisiana

Kelsey and Caleb have been together since high school. They got married in the little town of Jackson, Louisiana, where they met and lived (and will live) life together, which also happens to be my favorite town.
I'm so happy to have Kelsey and Caleb as part of our community and so happy to have been a part of their wedding.


Hair/Makeup: Katey Slaughter @ Ruby Salon
Florist: Billy Heroman's
Cakes: Ambrosia Bakery, Surreal Creations
Catering: Charles Lanoue
Dress: Bustle
DJ/Band: Jude Quebedeaux @ Classic Sounds by Jude
Jewelry: Patrick's Fine Jewelry
Painter: Alex Harvie Live Paintings
Other: Tiger Rentals
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