Monday, July 17, 2017

Best Kiss during the Ceremony Award goes to...

 Whitney and Bodie win the award for "best kiss during ceremony!"

It has been such a wet summer here in Louisiana, and thank goodness for our indoor plantation venues that are available!  This wedding at Greenwood Plantation was no exception. The ceremony continued on the porch, and the guests simply raised their umbrellas and enjoyed the show.

Whitney and Bodie have quite a history of riding horses and spending time in the country together. They're both from North Louisiana and South Arkansas, but they ended up getting married at this St. Francisville plantation because of Whitney's love for old plantation history. She came to Greenwood to visit years ago, and had always dreamed of getting married here. The venue, especially with its newest renovations, did not disappoint.

I later learned that both Whitney, Bodie, and many of their friends who were in the wedding attended the same college as I did- Southern Arkansas University! It was kind-of neat to reminisce and talk to people from that area.

That look that the groom gets on his face when he gets a great wedding day gift, compiled by the bride and the photographer... ;)

Here's another one- it started like this and then got lower!
Those daddy/daughter songs are a killer.
Venue- Greenwood Plantation
DJ - Geaux Live DJ
Flowers - Laurie Collins (friend)
Dress - Happily Ever After Shreveport

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