Monday, June 5, 2017

A laugher-filled, concert styled backyard wedding (Jenn and Fitz,4-22-17)

Occasionally, I'll have wedding clients who don't want to do any of the traditional posed wedding pictures, and instead of covering that like a wedding, I get to photograph it like an event. It's very different, and more artistic, than my usual wedding coverage, and I enjoy it a lot.  This was one of those. 

Jenn and Fitz's friends and family gathered in a Louisiana back yard from many corners of the United States to celebrate their wedding weekend. Although it was a smaller group, it was obvious that each guest was dear to Jenn and Fitz, and they seemed to spend time with each and every one of them.

During the ceremony, the officiant called out the different states that people had traveled from, and and each group did a cheer.

As Jenn walked down the isle, during the silence with only the music going, she suddenly waved and said "Hi, everybody!" I'm not sure who the officiant was, but obviously he was a friend and a jokester. As he was describing the rings, he said some comments about "rings are meant to be on your hands for years of tender touches" that made everyone laugh really hard.

Jenn and Fitz themselves live in Washington State, but he is from Louisiana, so they traveled to his home town for the backyard wedding- the same back yard where Emma and Stephan had their reception.

Jenn has an infectious laughter, and she and Fitz didn't want to waste time taking pictures or doing the wedding formalities. They simply mingled, hugged, danced, and visited the entire night.

Jenn and Fitz obviously highly value music, family, and especially friends. The band was fabulous the entire night. The reception felt more like an outdoor concert that you attend with your best friends, which is fitting since the couple met at The Gorge during a concert.

What a wonderful night of simply celebrating it was. Thank you both for letting me be a small part of this!

  This puppy of theirs was a hit throughout the night with his tux on.

Dress: Maggie Sottero couture purchased from I Do Bridal; Seattle- they are awesome!
Shoes/ Accessories:Shoes: Chloe
Earnings; Adorn Studio by Loren Peters, Portland, OR
Hat: Pinkham millinery by Dayna Pinkham, Portland, OR
Rings: have to check with the hubby
Catering: Heirloom Cuisine
Cakes: Nanette out of Baton Rouge
Florist: Herromans
Music/band: Dave Jordan and the NIA
Bar: Heirloom cuisine (labor) ; liquor provided by family member
Other: Kevin Couhig; wedding coordinator extraordinaire!
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