Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rebecca's bridal portraits, Woodville, Mississippi

Rebecca and Shannon got married this weekend, so I can finally publish her bridal portraits! We took them at Hampton Hall in Woodville, MS. This house is full of rich history, including an artist who once lived in the house.
When Rebecca's mom said she wanted to take pictures on the staircase, I tried to talk her out of it, because staircases are often SO BORING and tend to make unflattering pictures. This one, however, was quite the exception to the rule.

After most of the pictures at Hemstead Hall, we went over to the oldest methodist church in Mississippi, where the wedding ceremony was. I love the old doorways and stained glass windows in that church.
Rebecca's mom helped hold the veil while the wind blew to make it fall at the right angle. She was happy to jump in the bushes and get to work.

We had a good crew helping out, including her mom's best friend, Rebbie, who Rebecca is named after.
What a sweet day it was. :)
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