Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Leah and Adrian's Baton Rouge wedding

This Baton Rouge wedding story began a long time ago when Leah and Adrian were in high school. But, since I wasn't there for all of that, we'll just tell the story of the wedding day.
This wedding day for the girls anyway, started at the Hilton downtown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The girls rented a conference room for everyone to get ready.

This picture looks so calm, but really, I was in the middle of the road, people were walking all around us, traffic was driving around, people were pulling up for valet parking, and you could hear the sounds of Live after 5 in the distance. Leah's mom was buzzing around us, taking things to the car, while we took pictures.
 While the girls were doing their thing at the Hilton, Brooke, our 2nd photographer, was with the guys at a house where they were sporting their team colors.
 The limo picked everyone up in shifts and moved the wedding party to Magnolia Mound Plantation's pavilion. As the dark rolled in, the weather was just perfect- not too hot, not too cold, and not raining. Leah and Adrian didn't want to see each other, but she teared up a little when she touched his hand on the other side of the big magnolia tree.

 Ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen makes for one heck of a "wedding party," quite literally. So, the entire wedding party loaded up on a party bus and headed to the Addis Community Center for the reception.
 There was a little live entertainment on the party bus...

 As I took a bathroom break, in walked Leah and her helpers to bustle the dress, while outside, the party was rolling.
 I've forgotten how old they said this grandfather was, but I want to say it was close to 99 or 100.
Adrien and the groomsmen decided to do a "cake cutting" picture.
 And then, there's always getting iced during the garter toss.

Venues: Hilton Downtown, personal home, Magnolia Mound, Addis Community Center
Dress: Maggie Sottero
Hair and Makeup: Emily Courtrabe, Adore Studios
Cakes: Anita Firmin
DJ: Beat DR DJ, Micah Simon
Photography: Tara Marie Photography
Catering: Jarreau's Off the Hook (and it was)
Reception Decor: Living Backdrops, Karen from Addis
Party Bus:
Exit car:

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Fancy Camera" Photography Workshop

Do you have a "big fancy camera" that you haven't really learned how to use very well? Are you struggling to consistently get better pictures with your "fancy camera?"

A few years ago, a friend of mine had a digital SLR camera and was having trouble figuring it out, and she wanted me to teach her how to use it. I hear this story all the time, of people who have nice cameras sitting in their closet because they're just not getting the results they want consistently. I was there, y'all! 12  years ago I stood in those shoes. There wasn't a lot of youtube back then, so I was reading the manual, doing a lot of trial and error, and figuring it out myself.

If you'd rather jump start your camera skills instead of spending hours on youtube and getting frustrated, check out our "Fancy Camera" Photography Workshop, on Sunday, Sept. 17th, from 3-6:30  in St. Francisville. LA.

I (Tara) will lecture for a little while with a slideshow, and then we'll stop in between to take some pictures and practice what we're learning. We'll cover the basics of how to take better pictures from the inside out. This includes learning to "see" better pictures, your camera's capabilities, and equipment recommendations. We'll introduce lighting situations and looking at your location/background. We'll also briefly introduce photo organization and editing software, although this workshop has a big focus on making your camera's settings work for you instead of against you.

Past participants have really enjoyed this workshop!

A digital SLR camera (the kind that that will let you change lenses and settings) or a mirrorless camera is  required. Workshop includes class notes and a light snack. Bring a pen and notebook, your camera, charged battery, and any lenses you'd like to use.  Bring a friend if you'd like! Each participant is $95.

Questions? Call us at  225-634-7229, or email me at tara@taramariephoto.com.  Ready to do it?

Register online HERE.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Best Kiss during the Ceremony Award goes to...

 Whitney and Bodie win the award for "best kiss during ceremony!"

It has been such a wet summer here in Louisiana, and thank goodness for our indoor plantation venues that are available!  This wedding at Greenwood Plantation was no exception. The ceremony continued on the porch, and the guests simply raised their umbrellas and enjoyed the show.

Whitney and Bodie have quite a history of riding horses and spending time in the country together. They're both from North Louisiana and South Arkansas, but they ended up getting married at this St. Francisville plantation because of Whitney's love for old plantation history. She came to Greenwood to visit years ago, and had always dreamed of getting married here. The venue, especially with its newest renovations, did not disappoint.

I later learned that both Whitney, Bodie, and many of their friends who were in the wedding attended the same college as I did- Southern Arkansas University! It was kind-of neat to reminisce and talk to people from that area.

That look that the groom gets on his face when he gets a great wedding day gift, compiled by the bride and the photographer... ;)

Here's another one- it started like this and then got lower!
Those daddy/daughter songs are a killer.
Venue- Greenwood Plantation
DJ - Geaux Live DJ
Flowers - Laurie Collins (friend)
Dress - Happily Ever After Shreveport

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