Friday, December 16, 2016

Allison and Blake

Allison and Blake's wedding. Where to start?

First of all, let's state that this wedding was supposed to be on 10/7. It was delayed to try to get it at St. Mary's after all the much-needed renovations were complete. However, St. Mary's really did need a LOT of renovations, and that continued to delay the process. So, Allison and Blake got married at the newer sister church, Immaculate Conception in Lakeland.

It got dark right as it was time to do pictures of the wedding party. It was COLD outside, but the girls braved the weather for the pictures!

Blake's Pawpaw was chauffer of the night with his antique car. On the way to pick up the moms, the car's lights didn't want to work. I volunteered to follow him on the way to the church, but that man was driving so fast I couldn't keep up!

Kelsey and Brett's little boy, Tucker, was in the wedding, and he and I became friends this time. :) The kids got down to the altar and then turned back around and loudly ran around the echoing church for a while. I thought the priest was going to call them out there for a minute.

Mrs. Sarita played the piano and Debbie sang (I had done head shots for Debbie this year and it was good to see her again.)

Once the ceremony got moving, the priest was about to do communion and realized that the vows had not been done yet. We all laughed and he proceeded with the vows.

Family pictures were really important to Allison and Blake, so we took plenty of time on those.

Kelsey somewhat behaved herself during the pictures of the bridesmaids with Blake.

As we were doing the pictures in front of the church, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were in the limo watching and whistling at Allison and Blake.

The couple took off in the antique car to the reception.

I had thought Allison told me they were expecting 100 guests, but it was actually 600! The civic center is the best place in New Roads for large crowds at weddings, and I love when they decorate with these things coming down from the ceiling.

The reception had a New Orleans flair to it, complete with a Saints cake, Mardi Gras beads, and a second line.  The best moment of the reception for me was a tie. It was either when they played "Jambalaya" and these three guys got down and "rowed their pirot down the bayou," or when the second line song came on, and Blake was nowhere to be found, so his Pawpaw took his place and went with Allison around the room.

It was a loud, fun wedding with a big group of friends and family, just like a south Louisiana wedding ought to be.


Photographer: Tara Marie Photography, Tara Morris & Danielle Aucoin
Bride's Cake: Michelle Weller
Groom's Cake: Baking on the Bayou
 Church: Immaculate Conception, Lakeland, LA
Reception: Scott Civic Center, New Roads, LA

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