Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kirbi and Hunter's Wedding at Asphodel Plantation, Jackson, LA, Zachary Community Church

I can't remember the first time I met Kirbi, but it was somewhere around the year that Cathy and Gavin got married. Cathy and Kirbi have been best friends forever, and I'm pretty sure Kirbi was at every one of Cathy's photo shoots, and also in the wedding. They ended up marrying cousins, and now both of them carry the last name of Travis.
Cathy and Gavin, circa 2012.

A couple years ago, Kirbi and Hunter did some portraits together just for fun, and then I also did some family portraits for Hunter's family.

Anyway, it was great to have a previous relationship with both of them, so that during the engagement photo shoot, there was less getting-to-know-each-other conversation, and more like catching up with old friends. At the wedding, I felt more like a guest than a vendor! I knew many of the people.

Kirbi and Hunter are both very, very sweet people, and never have a cross word it seems. (I'm sure Cathy has seen otherwise but I haven't!). Their wedding at Zachary Community Church was also where one of their parents and sister (and Cathy) got married. It brought back some good memories!

Look at these sweet handkerchiefs that Kirbi gave the parents and grandparents right before the ceremony... 
 There were a crap TON of kids in this wedding, and they all walked down the isle (sort-of).

After the ceremony, we took several pictures, and although it took the the normal time for family and wedding party pictures, her grandpa, the driver of the antique car, grew impatient and started honking. Ha ha.

Yeah, he dropped her. :)

This was my first wedding to photograph at the beautiful Asphodel Plantation on Hwy. 68 in Jackson. You may know it better as Mackie's bar and grill. This venue included a tent over the dance floor, a few decked layers for tables and guests, indoor room in the plantation house, and outdoor areas. It was spread out, which was perfect for the 300+ guests they had attend. People who wanted to dance could, but others could sit back and watch or go on the other side of the house where it was quieter.

Jeff Chandler cooked up some or most of the food, and it was fabulous. Shannon Chandler coordinated and did a great job making sure things ran smoothly at the reception.

During the toast, Gavin (Cathy's husband) said "welcome to the Travis family," and Kirbi said "Did he REALLY just say that?!" Apparently he has been trying to keep her out of the family as long as possible.  :)

One of my favorite decorations was the table skirt around the cakes - it looked like the tule on the bottom of a wedding dress, and was topped with a floral runner thingy (whatever you call that!).

Mason, Cathy's son who Kirbi keeps all the time, throughout the day kept crying what he called "happy tears!" He said "I'm just emotional!"
One of their grandmothers caught the bouquet :)

What a beautiful and sweet wedding. Thanks, guys, for letting me be a part of it.

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