Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Louisiana meets Texas

Alyssa and Chris's wedding was held at a halfway point between their two families- in Longview, TX.

Stacy, Chris's mom, lost a daughter about 4 years ago, so the wedding day was hard for their whole family. Right before the first look, Alyssa showed Stacy that she had sewn a patch of Nikki's clothes into her dress. Everyone (including me) messed up their makeup. 

If you're not from South Louisiana, you might not know what Paran is. Paran is someone's Godfather in South Louisiana.

Alyssa and Chris's son had a blast...

 as did everyone else.
At some point, someone brought in a Yeti full of more Michelob Ultra to share with the crowd. This group knew how to party down!

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