Thursday, September 1, 2016

Miriam and Alex- Congratulations!

Miriam and Alex had the sweetest afternoon wedding at First Baptist Church in Zachary.

I'm so thankful it was indoors, because it was definitely, well, let's say, warm, outside. They both are very detail oriented, as I learned that day. Alex put on his boutonniere and then got me to take a picture of it to send to Miriam to make sure it was straight. You could tell that they are a match made in heaven, and so in love with each other.

Miriam and Alex did a first look, which was just precious. It was hard to capture through a few tears of mine. Worship music was playing in the background during the first look, and it was the perfect song.

The unity cross was a big part of their ceremony.

After the ceremony, they did a private moment to have their first dance as a couple. It was so very sweet and intimate.

Guests all went across the street to "the Crossing" for the reception.

Congratulations, Miriam and Alex, on a new life beginning together!

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