Monday, July 25, 2016

To print or not to print

Lately, I've been thinking about some old family pictures I came across. Then, I stumbled upon a blog post by a fellow photographer in the US about recreating a print. It got me really thinking.

When I ask clients these days what they'd like as their final product, more often than not, they request digital pictures. I, too, enjoy having digital pictures to share and show on my phone and social pages. However, thinking back 6, even just 4 years ago, where are those digital family pictures we took when my daughter was born? My son's newborn digital pictures? Where are the family pictures from this past fall? To be honest, they're tucked away on a hard drive and I'm not even sure they're backed up properly. I'm not positive that I could find them quickly. I carefully back up client work, but those personal pictures get put on the back burner.

One of my most treasured possessions is three boxes of loose pictures and two photo albums that I have sitting on my shelf at home. They're from many wonderful high school and college days, trips, friends, and memories. Anytime I want, I can pull those albums out and show anyone my truck that I drove in high school, a picture of so-and-so that went to prom with me, and my summer I spent working at the Grand Canyon. That was back when I photographed with a film camera, and printed everything.

The digital photos have wonderful sharing use. I especially enjoy looking at the timehop photos on facebook, and old pictures on Instagram. Perhaps that's going to be the new way to keep up with old photos. But, I worry about the integrity of those. One little mistake, hack, or other on our social pages and BAM- our treasured pictures are gone.

So, whether you print through us, or print somewhere else, I encourage you just to print your pictures! There are so many options out there- albums, books, loose prints, wall prints, canvases, and more.

Check out this article about the photographer who traveled 2500 miles because of one print. 

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