Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lighting and photography workshop - Seeing and Shaping Light, July 31

Today, a friend stopped by the studio because she had this new camera and wanted to take website pictures of some candles she is about to start selling in her boutique. She was wondering the best way to take "correct" pictures of her merchandise. I asked "what is your definition of correct?" It turned out, she knows how to stage the pictures, and she is pretty comfortable with using the camera. What she was really needing was tips on how to best LIGHT the merchandise she wants to post online. Just a confirmation of what I've been planning...
Many people have been making request for another photography workshop. It's been a while since I taught one! But, I wanted to teach something that can benefit anyone with any camera, even a smartphone camera. So...

I'm excited to announce the Seeing and Shaping Light workshop will be on AUG 14, 2016, 3-7 pm in St. Francisville, LA!  

It'll be a four hour class, and just like all my other photography workshops, it'll be hands-on. We'll have things to photograph in many different lighting situations. We're going a little late for this one so that you can also get both bright daylight and in-the-dark experience, and we'll have some light refreshments (although staying till the end is optional if you need to get on the road).

We'll be learning the following:
  • Seeing light (it's everywhere!)
  • Using light correctly to best light people and also stationary objects, rooms, and more
  • Creating light
  • Using your on-camera flash to its best ability
  • Even and not-so-even lighting situations
  • Unconventional lighting to make unique pictures
  • Making the sun work for you instead of against you
By the end of the workshop, you should be able to look for light in the foreground and background, recognize some lighting patterns for portraits, understand what exposure is, know what lighting situations to avoid, and find attractive indoor and outdoor lighting situations using natural (sunlight) and man-made light.

This will be a good fit for hobbyist, a marketer, someone getting into photography, or someone just needing how to take better pictures, this will be a good fit.

We won't be covering off-camera flash- this workshop is based on using the equipment you already have, whether that's just your phone camera or a digital SLR. It's recommended that you are over 14 years old and be able to adequately and somewhat quickly use your camera to take pictures, even if they're not perfect pictures.

You'll take home notes from the workshop, some coupon codes from two of my favorite labs, MpixPro and CGPro Prints. We'll also have goody bags and a drawing for a grand prize, a free 20x30 canvas and free shipping, donated from CGPro Prints!

The workshop is only $95 and limited to 20 participants.
Sign up HERE. 

Questions? Feel free to give me a call or email! 225-634-7229 or tara@taramariephoto.com

Hope to see you there!

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