Saturday, July 2, 2016

I get to tell love stories.

I get to tell love stories.
I don't tell the end of the love stories.

I don't tell the beginning of them either. By the time people make it to me, they've already begun their love story long ago. No, I get to document the beginning of the longest part of a love story- the wedding. 

I tell stories of the joining of two people coming from two different places, committing to joining together their two lives into one for good.

Often, I tell the "finally" story of people who already have a life together, who are taking the next step forward.

I don't just tell the love story of the couple who is getting married. At every wedding, the couple is surrounded by people who love them. I often survey the crowd at weddings, and think about why each group or each person is there.

I tell stories of people traveling together and alone from states and countries away to be at the wedding. I myself have even traveled very far to a friend's wedding, knowing no one but my friend, the bride, just because I love her so much that I would never miss her wedding.

I tell stories of mamas swelling up with love as their grown girl walks down the isle.

I tell the story of grown men tearing up.

I tell stories of sisters and brothers hugging like little kids, so excited to be together during a milestone day in their sibling's life.

I tell stories of best friends' love.

I get to tell stories of cousin love, family love, and love of people who have already passed on.

I tell stories of beloved mentors giving money at the money dance and cherishing that one dance with the person they love in a different type of love.

It's a neat thing to experience these multiple love stories all in one place- a wedding. 

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