Thursday, May 12, 2016

Considering a small wedding? Check out Olivia and Andrew's simple, tiny, and sweet wedding at Afton Villa Gardens in St. Francisville, LA

Afton Villa Gardens has the most beautiful tree-lined driveway.
The intimate small weddings are ones where people plan quickly. They grab the officiant, their closest family, and go for a ceremony and a dinner afterward. Those smallest weddings have been some of the sweetest I've ever photographed.  This one was not exception to the rule.  Olivia and Andrew planned their small wedding at Afton Villa Gardens on a late Friday afternoon just before sunset. There were about16 people in attendance, counting her and Andrew.

We started with just a few bridal portraits of Olivia by herself.
The garden area of Afton Villa

Then, she and Andrew did a "first look," which progressed into a mini portrait session of the two of them. They said that was the most pictures they had ever taken together. I'm thankful they took plenty of time for that, because they and their next generations can cherish those pictures forever.
Afton villa has a beautiful barn toward the back.

The ceremony was so sweet. Olivia and Andrew just would not quit smiling at each other, and you could tell that their vows were coming straight from the heart and that they were crazy about each other.
I usually end up working those weddings with one other vendor- Mr. Kevin Dreher, who is the local officiant in St. Francisville for these small deals. He does a great job of making the smallest or largest ceremony feel quiet and sincere, even when things are crazy.

I love the way this light shines through.

Since there was a small group of attendees, we took a group photo of all who were there for the day, and then finished out with some family portraits and pictures of the bridesmaid and groomsmen with the couple.

You see who was actually the star of the show?

Olivia and Andrew's daughter actually liked me! I'm not sure if it was because I was pretending to give her mints, or playing the "mine" game, or laughing a lot. But it really helped that the rest of the family stayed quiet and let me interact with her. She was infatuated with the flowers, too.

After their wedding, they all went for a dinner in Baton Rouge at their favorite restaurant, which I forgot where they went... After that, Olivia and Andrew went on a fishing honeymoon together! Now that's my kind of honeymoon.

What a beautiful sight. This spanish moss covered tree is found in the back yard of Afton Villa gardens, and this is where they had the ceremony, just after the chairs were picked up. They didn't know I was taking this picture.


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