Friday, May 27, 2016

When to take portraits...

Lots of people are always asking me "when's the best time to take .... portraits?" Well, these were taken in February. It's really hard to find a bad time to take pictures in Louisiana. There's always something green around. But, in June/July/August, it's mighty hot, so we have to aim for late, late evening or very early morning for the portraits. In the winter, it gets dark earlier, so we have to aim for early afternoon or morning. Even in winter and hot summer, there are flowers blooming all around.
For most portraits, though, you do want to have them taken at LEAST 2 months before when you want prints in your hands. It can take up to 30 days to get the proofs ready, depending on season. Then you have to pick the ones you want, and then canvases take up to 2-3 weeks to come in, prints, up to 7 business days. So, that time adds up quickly.

Maggie's bridal portraits are a good example. We went out on an afternoon in February for a girls-only day and had a good time wandering around and taking some gorgeous pictures. Maggie is quite a bit taller than me so I was on my tiptoes a lot!
It was comfortable weather and we really enjoyed the afternoon. 


This one was neat.

These were all top secret, exclusive Tara Marie Photography locations, by the way. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A laid back, backyard barn wedding in St. Francisville's Lake Rosemound

Soraya and Dustin, throughout the whole wedding process, just really didn't worry about all the traditional wedding details. They just wanted to get all their friends together and have a party/celebration of them getting married.
They picked a perfect spot, a place where they hang out all the time anyway- Dustin's parents' house. The ceremony was held in the yard by the pond, and the large red barn housed the reception.

Soraya and her girls got ready at her house, and they had plenty of time to get ready out on the screen porch. It was a nice cool day, which is unusual for Louisiana.

Digging up the bourbon. Supposedly this tradition keeps the rain away on wedding day. I think it just makes the rain seem more bearable.

Soraya was so excited to see her friend, the officiant.
The kids were adorable in the ceremony, but one of my favorite moments was when Dustin's mom walked her dad to his seat. She was so proud.

 Soraya said, "I promise to fight along side with you during the zombie apocalypse, and to let you bite me if you become one before me" in her vows.

Once we got to the reception and had a private dining moment, they did the first dances and then, instead of a bride's cake, Soraya chose to get fireball shots! They even tried to make the photographers and coordinators take a shot. :)

Fireball shots instead of a bride's cake.

This was one of those weddings where the details were taken care of by the coordinators so that everyone could just have a blast.

Danielle, my 2nd photographer, although she's married, got asked to dance by a man in a suit for the last song at the reception. Who could refuse a dance with a man in a suit?

Soraya, who is a fabulous, energetic realtor at Landry Real Estate in St. Francisville, is a believer in small and local businesses. Nearly all the vendors were from St. Francisville. Thanks, Soraya, for using local small businesses!

Coordinators: Southern Standard Events
Jewelry: Patrick's Jewelry
Caterer: Heirloom Cuisine
Cake: Audubon Market
Flowers: Mia Sophia
DJ: Complete Media
Invitations: Temple Design
2nd Photographer: Danielle

Monday, May 16, 2016

This couple had a flooded wedding venue and changed at the last minute... Natchez, MS wedding, Logan and Cade

Logan and Cade were originally supposed to get married at a rustic, huge hunting camp in Ferriday, Louisiana, very near Natchez, MS. But, as it happens sometimes, right around March or April of this year, a bunch of rain from the North floated down the Mississippi river and stayed, flooding all of the area around Ferriday and Natchez, including the hunting camp where they were getting married. Poor Logan and her mom had to search around several small towns to find a new venue less than 30 days before the wedding!

Now, if you've never been to Natchez, let me tell you about it. It's a beautiful, historic little town centered around the Mississippi River, and it's full of quaint restaurants, plantations, and treasures to find. It's one of mine and my husbands' favorite destinations for a night out. When you drive north and cross the river from Natchez, you'll drive into Vidalia, Louisiana. They're two towns and two states, but right next to each other.

Logan and Cade's wedding ceremony venue ended up being on the lawn of a hotel on the Natchez side with a gorgeous view of the Mississippi River bridge - Hotel Vue.  I was awed with the view, the breeze, and the ease of the guests being able to park and go right to their seats. After we all saw it and did the pictures, Logan and I both agreed that we were glad the ceremony was there!

Everyone got ready inside the hotel, and it was so easy to just walk back and forth from each person's room for the gift exchange.

You can tell Logan and Cade enjoy the country together! Is that a night vision thingy?

Logan's daddy gave her a letter and a bracelet that said something about "always my little girl" on her wedding day as well.

We staged Logan and Cade's first look to be overlooking the river bridge, and ended up doing all the pictures there.

The ceremony was set under a tall, dramatic yet rustic homemade arbor made of sweet gum trees, constructed by some of Logan's family friends.

 The ceremony was short and sweet.

I assume this was coordinated, but the family pictures with everyone wearing neutrals came out looking really nice!

After the ceremony and a few remaining family pictures, the reception was held across the river at the Gables. It took about 10 minutes to get there. The Gables is a newer reception facility made from what used to be a church. The vaulted ceilings made for a beautiful setting for the reception. Logan still used all her rustic, yet blingy, decor that was intended for the hunting lodge.

The Gables reception venue in Vidalia, LA, just across the river from Natchez, MS.
The Gables reception venue in Vidalia, LA, just across the river from Natchez, MS.
And, this is the moment when I break down and start crying at almost every wedding- the father/daughter and mother/son dance. All I can think about is my own two kids... getting... married. They're 4 and 5 now. I need to stop.

This was obviously a celebration of two people getting married, and Logan and Cade seemed to just enjoy the company of all their friends and family in one place. After such a rough time with getting the venues straight, that reception was just a perfect ending to the beginning of married life together.


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