Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to enjoy a rainy day wedding

When the forecast called for rain for Pam and Thomas's wedding day, I called the venue instead of Pam to check and see what the backup plan is, just because I didn't want to upset Pam by reminding her that it was most likely going to rain. But the venue coordinator told me that Pam had said, "well, we met in a hurricane, we might as well get married in the rain!" What a great attitude!
Rain is supposed to bring good luck to the marriage, from what I've heard. But I think keeping a good attitude about your wedding is even better luck. :) Often times, when you expect things to go perfectly, things that go wrong just get you all out of whack.
Pam and Thomas did the very best job of handling the rainy day. They maneuvered the pictures they wanted to be taken when it wasn't raining. They were flexible with their schedule. And most importantly, they were just happy to be together with their close friends and family and getting married!

Thanks for making my job easy, guys.
Venue- Greenwood Plantation, St. Francisville, LA 
Cake- Baking on the Bayou

Pam is definitely the jokester in the family.

Pam set this up just for Thomas. I think this was his brother.

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