Monday, January 11, 2016

Kathryn and Andrew's Wedding at Greenwood Plantation, Louisiana Plantation Wedding

Kathryn and Andrew live out of town and did not have time to do engagement or bridal portraits with me. I had met them only once before the wedding, and we had a great visit that day. They are both tender, sweet, and super smart people, and absolutely crazy about each other. Their Greenwood Plantation wedding was one of a kind.

Kat gave the girls all a floral print robe that was so cute, and then they also got a shoebox full of goodies and some floral print shoes.

Kat wore a tea length dress, which was a perfect fit for the summer heat and outdoor dancing.

Kat's first look with her dad was precious. All through the wedding process he would send payments with a "thank you for taking such care of my beautiful daughter."

Greenwood was just beautiful that day, although summer weddings there might not be quite as cool as I would've liked. :)  But, as long as everyone is sweating it up and having a great time together, no one's smell sticks out. 

Andy made (like, created) the photo booth camera!

The ceremony was a little further out into the front yard than most of my previous Greenwood Plantation weddings, and it really made a beautiful live oak setting for the ceremony and plenty of room for the guests to spread out. During the ceremony, Kat and Andy planted what I call a "love plant." It was hilarious to watch them attempt to stay clean and pot a plant. But, thanks to Kat's gentleness, they succeeded.

A wedding plant

Their wedding was less about the pictures and much more about celebrating the bond between the two of them. Rarely do I see a bride and groom stick together at their reception like Kat and Andy did.


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