Monday, October 19, 2015

My husband's luck follows me....

My husband has this luck that follows him- if it can break down, especially with a truck, it will. Well, I sort-of forgot about that and set up some family portrait mini-sessions using a borrowed old truck from a friend.
This family has multiplied since I first started photographing them.
Josh went Friday and picked up the truck on a trailer from our friends. Sunday afternoon, we arrived an hour early to get the truck in place and set up for the pictures. Then, at that point, I was reminded of his bad luck. He unstrapped the truck, started it, and tried to put it in reverse to drive it off the trailer, and NOTHING HAPPENED. The truck would NOT go in reverse!

We called the owners of the truck, but the man of the house was working offshore and unavailable by phone. His wife and son didn't know how to get it in reverse. Josh put me in the driver's seat while he pushed- nothing. He jacked the trailer far up and getting it to roll off- nothing. It was stuck in gear, which held it in place firmly on the trailer, regardless of pushing.

By this time, families were begining to show up, and I started stressing a little, but then gathering ideas on getting a ladder and photographing families with the truck still on the trailer. :)

These guys do NOT like Fords, so they came up with this pose.

Yup, that's Brooke- office manager.

Look at those amazing ears...

Finally, he found a hammer and banged on something in the back underneath the truck, and it loosened its grip. He was then able to back it off and get it in place, just minutes before start time.

Regardless, I'm thankful for my husband's willingness to help out, for the two sets of friends who were willing to let us borrow their truck, and for the other dads/guys who helped Josh unload and load up the truck.

BUT, Note to self- ALWAYS REMEMBER my husband's luck with vehicles!

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