Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Senior portrait back-to-school sale and new- family portrait add-on to senior portraits

My daughter has started KINDERGARTEN this year, and I've already decided that she's simply not allowed to graduate high school. I can't take it. This is my second year to drop her off for her first day, and I still cried. It's ridiculous. There's no way I'll make it through a graduation ceremony, so I figure, if we just don't let her graduate, it won't happen. Right???

Also, this is new- you can add on a family portrait session to your senior portraits. So, your senior will come and do pictures, and then the rest of the family will join us for an extra 20 minutes of family portraits at the end of the session. It's just a $25 add-on, which saves you a TON compared to scheduling a separate family portrait session. 

Well, for today, you try not to think about the day your kid went to kindergarten, I'll and try not to think about .... (sniff) gradu....(sniff)ation.... (bwaaaaa!)

Yeah, she was a kindergartener once.

An only child has got to be even harder to let go off to college.

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