Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kelsey's bridals- Greenwood Plantation

I am just in love with Kelsey's bridal portraits. We took them during the part of this summer when it was raining nearly every afternoon, and Kelsey told us with a smile that during everything she's done for the wedding, it has rained. I appreciated her good attitude greatly, and we still had a lot of area to use at Greenwood Plantation thanks to the huge interior and wide porches.

Her mom, MIL, and a couple girlfriends joined us for this fun-filled, goofy photo shoot. Kelsey has a way of involuntarily making facial expressions that we had to control during the photo shoot.

One thing I really liked about Kelsey's dress is that it had this optional lace jacket that looked really formal and nice with her dress. Then, when she took it off, it gave the dress a tiny bit more fun, casual feel. Having options and accessories for bridal portrait shoots makes me happy.


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