Thursday, August 27, 2015

What started as a dog photo shoot turned into a PROPOSAL!

Y'all, today I got to do the most fun photo shoot that I've been looking forward to all week, but couldn't tell anybody. Jayce Adams had told his girlfriend, Caroline, that they were coming out to do pictures with their puppy, but really, the intention of the photo shoot was for him to propose! Jayce planned it out with me on the phone, and this afternoon was the day. We spent the first hour doing pictures of Mylo, their very cute Goldendoodle little girl. In the meantime, my husband helped get both Caroline's and Jayce's parent in place on the woods line by the hay field so they could watch. Caroline wanted this one dog picture of Mylo facing the camera while she faced away, and Jayce had told me that would be when he would do it.

When we came from the creek, where we started, up to the hay field, first we HEARD the parents talking! They were pretty loud, so Jada, Jayce's sister, and I started talking even louder to cover up their voices. Caroline didn't hear them. Then I saw the parents walking down from the woods line to get a little closer, so I had to point at a spot opposite from them and say "Hey, Caroline! What if we did some pictures over there!?" Once again, she didn't see them.

I know Jayce was nervous, but I was shaking myself! We got Caroline in place, Mylo over her shoulder, and I signaled to Jayce that it was time. He walked over, said her name, and got on one knee. And that's when Caroline lost it. Then, after she said yes, her dad whooped from the woods, and here came the whole family. Her brother, Rhett, had traveled in from Minnesota for this, and she screamed "My BROTHER is here!"

Toasting, laughter, pictures, and phone calls followed, all in the middle of the hay field. Plus, it was such a beautiful evening for all this. Thanks, Jayce, for making my day go from good to great, and letting me be such a part of a big event in your life!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Senior portrait back-to-school sale and new- family portrait add-on to senior portraits

My daughter has started KINDERGARTEN this year, and I've already decided that she's simply not allowed to graduate high school. I can't take it. This is my second year to drop her off for her first day, and I still cried. It's ridiculous. There's no way I'll make it through a graduation ceremony, so I figure, if we just don't let her graduate, it won't happen. Right???

Also, this is new- you can add on a family portrait session to your senior portraits. So, your senior will come and do pictures, and then the rest of the family will join us for an extra 20 minutes of family portraits at the end of the session. It's just a $25 add-on, which saves you a TON compared to scheduling a separate family portrait session. 

Well, for today, you try not to think about the day your kid went to kindergarten, I'll and try not to think about .... (sniff) gradu....(sniff)ation.... (bwaaaaa!)

Yeah, she was a kindergartener once.

An only child has got to be even harder to let go off to college.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kelsey's bridals- Greenwood Plantation

I am just in love with Kelsey's bridal portraits. We took them during the part of this summer when it was raining nearly every afternoon, and Kelsey told us with a smile that during everything she's done for the wedding, it has rained. I appreciated her good attitude greatly, and we still had a lot of area to use at Greenwood Plantation thanks to the huge interior and wide porches.

Her mom, MIL, and a couple girlfriends joined us for this fun-filled, goofy photo shoot. Kelsey has a way of involuntarily making facial expressions that we had to control during the photo shoot.

One thing I really liked about Kelsey's dress is that it had this optional lace jacket that looked really formal and nice with her dress. Then, when she took it off, it gave the dress a tiny bit more fun, casual feel. Having options and accessories for bridal portrait shoots makes me happy.

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