Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Whitney and Justin [First Baptist Zachary, Americana, Zachary, LA, wedding photographer]

Whitney and Justin's wedding reception was my first to photograph at The Pointe in Americana in Zachary, Louisiana. This is a new neighborhood built around a YMCA, with a gorgeous reception hall in the back. They had their church ceremony at First Baptist in Zachary.
Whitney just loves kids, and made sure that the whole wedding was very kid-friendly from start to finish.

A first touch with a blindfold (made from a groomsman's tie)

First Baptist Church in Zachary is HUGE! If you have a crowd coming to your wedding this is a great place, especially for a summer wedding.

My nephew from Haiti!

Kassey and Mikie King, one of my TMP wedding couples. However, this is NOT their baby.

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