Thursday, June 18, 2015

Are you being present where you are?

My daughter started Pre-K this past year. This meant a much more rigid schedule for our family, with me taking her to school, taking my son to day care, and then me working at the studio during the day hours. Although I enjoyed the firmer schedule, I could not WAIT for school to get out this year so that I could spend some more time with my kids. And that's exactly what we've been doing. We kept a part-time babysitter so that I could still do enough work to keep up, but in the other hours, I'm enjoying being with the kids so much.

This has also meant that I have transitioned to doing quite a bit of working at home. After working at the studio for set hours all fall, winter, and spring, that is easier said than done. I've realized that often, while playing with the kids, I'm thinking about work. And then, when I'm at work, I'm wishing I was playing with the kids. So, today, I had an epiphany- I need to BE PRESENT WHERE I AM. If I'm at the studio, I need to work really hard at getting work done and only work, so that when I go home, I can be 100 percent mama, wife, gardener, cook, and horse-rider without worrying about work.

I'm learning to put my phone down. I'm learning to not check emails constantly. I'm learning to work hard and play hard, but on a different schedule. I'm especially learning to make time to focus on my family and friends like I do my clients. It's easy to set an hour aside for a client and not be distracted from that, because that's work. It should be just the same when my daughter wants to make pudding together, or when my son wants to cuddle in the mornings. I need to set aside time for them and not be distracted. It will make me a more productive person for the things that matter most. And, if I know that I gave being "mama" my all for an hour this morning, it will make me more motivated to be a photographer/editor/creative professional for an hour later in the day.

So, what are you doing? Are you present where you are, or are you constantly thinking about the next thing?

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