Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dauphin Horsemanship - Commercial business photography, promotional photos, head shots

Since my husband and I are both into riding, training, and playing with horses, we have another trainer who helps us from time to time further our education. I first went to Daniel Dauphin for an intermediate horsemanship clinic a couple years ago, and learned a ton. I was on the verge of selling my horse and moving on to a different one. He helped me find the potential in my horse and in my own training abilities as well.

A few weeks ago my husband went to the Dauphin Horsemanship 4-day colt starting clinic and was able to learn some techniques to use not just for his own young 2 year old horse, but also for other people's horses that he works on occasionally.

Then, recently, Daniel contacted me about doing head shots for him, since he knew me and wouldn't feel as awkward getting head shots done through me. My husband had been wanting Daniel to evaluate another problem horse, and I wanted some new assignments to work on with my young mare, so we loaded up 4 horses and the kids and headed to Rayne, LA for an afternoon of riding mixed with some commercial promotional pictures.

Tater was terrified of this tarp about 30 minutes before this.

Daniel knows his stuff. He was watching Josh ride.

It helps that my husband's horses are both quite photogenic, but I felt like these turned out really good.

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