Friday, December 19, 2014

Out of the box bridals

For her out-of-the-box bridal portrait session, Erica Brown, (now Erica Withers) her sister and mom, and I shared a pinterest board of ideas to brainstorm. They let me pick the location and brought everything I suggested when it came to jewelry.

They brought their own accessories, and props, including some boots and duck hunting guns and decoys, and I brought the turqoise chair.

I'm SOOO happy with how these bridals came out, and I think the reason for that was twofold. One, they allowed me much creative freedom. They told me, in more or less words, "I trust your creativity. Do whatever you'd like." Then, they listened and came with a great attitude, brought the props, and came ready to have some fun.  Those are the best two things anyone can do for me if they want some creative images. I love it when people let me pull out of my mental rolodex of ideas and go with it.

We did have a good time doing these. :) But I especially enjoyed this session more than most. And, now that the wedding is over, I can finally post them.


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