Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What I don't take pictures of anymore...

Sometimes it's easy for me to get caught up in the routine of editing and just managing, and I need to re-kindle the spark I had for photography I have buried deep down. To do this, I started thinking about reasons I got into photography in the first place. When I started doing that recently, I noticed some things that I no longer take pictures of very much.

I no longer take GOOD pictures (much) of these things- things that I love!
My dogs
My kids and family
Sunsets while traveling
Row crops on the side of the road
Beautiful flowers
Farm animals

Obviously, the whole "not taking pictures of my kids" thing is a bit of a problem! I do take a few here and there with my iphone, but this is an issue.

What can I do to jump start myself doing these pictures that I love again?
1. Make goals to take at least some professional-quality pictures of my kids every week.
2. Take a road trip (whether small or large) with the purpose of just taking pictures.
3. Go to a new place, maybe a garden or something, and take pictures of just the pretty things.
4. MAKE time for leisurely picture-taking.
5. Get a smaller, easier-to-carry-in-my-purse, camera (maybe my old film camera?)
6. Make myself some Instagram challenges (@taramariephoto)

Here are some pictures I took before I got into this industry as a business. I spent the summer of 2002 working at the Grand Canyon, and I hiked 101 total miles that summer. You've never really experienced the Grand Canyon until you've hiked down into it. I would carry my heavy film camera with one lens with me on every trip, and I'm still proud of many of these amateur pictures. They capture things for me that I probably will never experience again. I remember taking the roll of film and sending it off, just hoping that I would get back at least 3 or 4 images that were good. Then, the next time, I would try to get 5 good pictures. By the end of the summer, I had increased my "good picture" percentage significantly by just challenging myself with each roll of film. 

I think the trick is going to be start just a little at a time.

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