Thursday, October 2, 2014

My story

So, I read this week that I'm supposed to be sharing my "story" on my blog. Well, honestly, I've never really felt like I have much of a story to tell, so I haven't told much of it. It seems like the good lord just put me in the right spot at the right time with the right stuff to get started with a photography business back in 2006 (living in a small town in need of a decent photographer near artistic Austin, TX, right as digital photography was making a big debut.) 

I've never felt that my "story" was that special. But as I tried today to convince myself that I didn't have a story, I kept thinking of circumstances I've been in that are unique to me. I started to realize that maybe there is something that I can share that will help someone else. 

High school seniors need to hear that your "major" in college shouldn't define who you are or what you do as a career. (I was an agriculture major and I still love studying and talking about it.) 

People getting married need to hear that marriage is a committed journey, not a destination or final resting place. (We have a neat, always-evolving story of two different, God-fearing people joining our lives together).

Budding small business owners need encouragement from others' mistakes and resources from which to learn. (Trust me, I've made lots of the mistakes, including taxes.) 

Small town people need to see the little things that make their town great and unique. (I have a fascination with my small towns around me.)

ADD writers need to know that there is hope beyond putting things in parentheses (I do this wayyyy too often (ok maybe there is no hope)) (did I just do that twice?)

So, maybe there is more than I originally thought...  It's going to take some guts for me to share a few personal insights into my life, because I'm quite private. But maybe there are some things I can muster up the courage to share that will benefit the reader. 

Here's to trying in the future to be more open...

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Where's the lip stain in this picture???? It would have been the icing on the cake...

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