Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet the model- Julie

The models behind our rock your school uniform photo shoot were so easy to work with. These girls are not pros- they're regular local high school gals. I want to show you a little about each one of them. Read more to see what Julie hopes to have and be doing in ten years.

"Julie, what are you currently involved in?"

Dance Team, Upper Class Mentor (mentoring  freshmen), and Teen Council

"How would you describe yourself?"
I would describe myself as laid back, but unpredictable

"What are some things you love and love to do?"
I love to dance, I love my parents, and my brother.

"How would you describe your style?" 
Preppy and sometimes urban.

"What is one weird fact about you that not many people know?"
I HATE lasagna. 
"Do you like spaghetti?" Not really. 
[Author's note-- this was devastating news for me. Spaghetti is probably my favorite dinner food. OK, back to Julie.]

"Julie, how would your friends describe you?"

The crazy, loud ringleader.

"What are your three favorite bands?"

One Direction, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan. Oh, and SoMo. I like a variety of music.

"Julie, where could you max out a credit card?"

Michael Kors Outlet, Apricot Lane, and Loft


"When you get together with your best friends, what can you be found doing?"

Going to the swimming hole or the bridge, going to the movies, or shopping.

"In your wildest dreams, in ten years, what would you like to be doing, owning, etc?"

I'd want to be a certified pediatric speech pathologist, own a hummer, married, and have at least 1 kid.

"If you had a thousand hours to give to a charitable cause, where would you give those hours?"

St. Jude
"Why?" Because of the children.

 Thanks, Julie, for being a model. Thanks for taking this time while you were getting your hair and makeup done for this photo shoot done at Ooh La La Salon to interview with me.

Orange shoes, watch, bracelet, and belt: Trends Salon and Boutique.
Hairstyle and makeup: Ooh La La salon.
Photography: Tara Marie Photography

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