Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meet Katie

Katie started out modeling for me toward the end of last year when she finishing up her junior year. Katie is one of a kind- you can hardly keep her from smiling! Keep reading to see what she would spend 1000 charitable hours on. 
Katie's school doesn't allow different shoes or scarves, so her hair and jewelry made her jumper look casual, yet that she cared about her appearance.

Photography: Tara Marie Photography
Accessories: Trends Salon and Boutique
Hair and Makeup: Ooh La La salon

"Katie, what are you currently involved in?"
Cross country, Soccer, Track, DYB (Diocese and Youth Board)

"How would you describe yourself? "
I'm always on the go, city-girl, always going to the city.

"Katie, what are some things you love?"
I love to cook, to run, traveling, my cross country team, my family, and my friends.

"How would you describe your style?"
Sometimes boho, but usually classic.

"What is one weird fact about you that not many people know?"
I can spread my toes really far apart. [Here is where the entire salon, during the interview, including myself, took off our flip flops and compared toes. Katie's were definitely one of the most talented set of toes in the room. Ha ha]

"How would your friends describe you?"
Silly, sweet..... oh and kind of ditzy.

"What are your three favorite bands?"
One Republic,Imagine Dragons,Coldplay [YESSS], and Ed Shearon

"Those are some really good bands in my opinion. If you had to pick one song that you live by, what would it be?"
I guess it would be "I Lived" by One Republic.

"Where could you max out a credit card?"
Altered State and Varsity Sports

"When you get together with your best friends and don't have anything to do, what can you be found doing?"
Movies! We are big movie people. Also, sleepovers. Oh and we like going to Coffee Call. [I have to give a thumbs up on the coffee hangout.]

In your wildest dreams, in ten years, what would you like to be doing, owning, etc?"
I want to be living in New York, working at Do Something, and having a prissy little dog.
"Do you think you'll have a college degree?"
Oh yes, a degree from LSU in humanities.

If you had a thousand hours to give to a charitable cause, where would give them?
Africa-Live for Africa (USEF), because they give kids education and fresh water.

Thanks, Katie, for being such a good sport and keeping us all laughing.

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