Friday, August 15, 2014

Meet Kate

Meet Kate, our third model for the "rock your school uniform" photo shoot. Kate dressed up her uniform with some bracelets, watch, and a scarf from Trends Boutique. She also (as seen in the group photos) chose boots to wear for her winter outfit that looked really neat.
Kate interviewed with me while getting her hair and makeup done. She didn't even hesitate when asked what she wanted to be doing in ten years.
This was such a fun series of pictures to take, and these girls were fun to work with. These girls are simply high school seniors who were willing to participate. Thanks, Kate, Julie, and Katie for being models.


"Kate, what are you currently involved in?"
Cheer, Young Life, Character Counts, and the school Golf Team

"How would you describe yourself?"
Loud and outgoing

"What do you love to do, and who are some people or things you love?
I love to cheer, babysit, and I love my  friends and family.

"How would you describe your style?"
"What is one weird fact about you that not many people know?"
I play golf.  My whole family does.

"How would your friends describe you?"
Loud and obnoxious. [Kate was nominated by a friend who also described her as "as beautiful inside as out."]

"What are your three favorite bands?"
Florida-Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and Scotty McCreary

"Where could you max out a credit card? 
"J Crew, Sephora, and Apricot Lane"

"When you get together, what can you and your best friends be found doing?"
Riding backroads, shopping, or swimming in the creek.

"In your wildest dreams, in ten years, what would you like to be doing, owning, etc?"
Be on ESPN-Sports broadcasting for football

"If  you had a thousand hours to give to a charitable cause, who would you give them to?"
St. Jude b/c I love little kids


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