Monday, August 11, 2014

How to ROCK your school uniform- Tara Marie Photography Seniors

School is upon us! As a matter of fact, two weeks from now, my little girl is starting school for the first time. She has her cute little uniforms in the drawer and is always wanting to try them on.

I love the fact that she has to wear uniforms for three reasons. One, she's very picky about her clothes. This should simplify our life tremendously when it comes to getting dressed in the mornings. Two, I will easily know at a glance when I need to wash uniforms. We have six total, just in case time gets away from us during the weekend. Three, she looks really cute in them.

But, I got to thinking about my senior clients who have to wear uniforms to school, and realized that not everyone loves uniforms as much as I do. So, three local girls, a local salon, and a local boutique helped me put together some different looks of how to make a school uniform look good using accessories, hairdos, makeup, and shoes.

The rules for this photo shoot were 1. You must wear your actual school uniform. 2. You can only wear accessories that are within your school's regulation.

It was really fun to create this photo shoot for these high school seniors. I hope you enjoy the pictures of how these high school girls rock their school uniforms and can get some ideas for yourself.

Some ideas of how you can rock your school uniform-
Great shoes
Put time into your hairdo
Accentuate your lipstick
Put a little more eye makeup on your eyes

Do you have more ways that you rock or personalize your school uniform? Comment below.

Coming up in the next blog post - get to know the models behind this photo shoot.

Photography: Tara Marie Photography
Accessories: Trends Boutique in St. Francisville, LA
Models: Kate, Katie, and Julie
Special thanks to Bains Elementary, Brittany, Lacey, and Mrs. Shaffer

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