Friday, June 27, 2014

My personal photography project

Thanks to the disconnect of not growing up here in St. Francisville, I'm able to have an outsider's perspective on our Feliciana parishes that our house lies between. I've also been blessed to be in the wedding industry, where I get to visit and go behind the scenes in some of the most grandeur plantations and houses in our area.

While visiting and taking pictures in these privately owned plantations and spreads, I've found fascination with a common thread most of these beautiful places share- a caretaker. Many of the plantations and large pieces of land are owned by one person, but managed and maintained by someone else. This someone who I refer to as a caretaker is, in my opinion, the backbone of each operation. Some have more people duties, managing several housekeepers, tour guides, and maintenance men. Others have more facility-oriented jobs that involve upkeep and cleaning.

The caretakers I've met all seem to have these similar traits- they must be reliable, hard-working, self starters, have a sense of what needs doing, and above all else, they must be TRUSTWORTHY, for the property owners are often absent. 

This is the first of hopefully many portraits of my project I'll be calling "the caretakers." This project has been on my mind for a long time, and I've finally stepped to to begin it. This is one of those steps to take to rejuvenate my creative mind.

This is Theresa, who is in charge of many things at The Myrtles Plantation.
Hope you enjoy!

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