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Photography 101: How to take better phone pictures in the dark I used technique 1 to take this iphone picture. Have you ever tried to take phone pic

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Photography 101: How to take better phone pictures in the dark

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I used technique 1 to take this iphone picture.

Have you ever tried to take phone pictures at a dark party or event, only to get frustrated at the flash and how long it takes? Most night pictures I see taken with phones leave a little to be desired. Here are some tips to help you make the best of low-light situations with your phone camera.

Technique 1- Looking for light

1. Find ANY source of light
2. Have subjects face the light
3. Turn the flash off
4. The subjects need to hold REALLY still.
5. Take the picture

Technique # 2- Using someone else's flashlight.

1. Have an assistant turn their FLASHLIGHT on their phone on. (this is not the phone that will take the picture)
2. Have your assistant hold the flashlight above your subject's head at about a 45 degree angle. 3. Make the light look good on the person's face. You can create shadows if you want for a more dramatic look, or just hold the "flashlight" more evenly toward the front of the face for a flatter lighting situation.
3. Make sure your own flash on your phone is off, and take the picture using the light from the other person's phone.

But always remember, a less-than-perfect picture is better than no picture to capture a moment that is special to you. :) Get out and take some pictures!


Upcoming events and specials

July 13th- Beginner's photography Workshop
August 11th- end of the Senior portrait summer special benefiting the animal shelter
June 30th- deadline for Senior 2014 disc sale
July -Head shot summer special

2014 4x6 PhotographyWorkshop NO ADMIN ONE

Beginner's Photography Workshop
Sunday July 13th, $95
If you have a digital "fancy" camera but have never really learned how to use it off the "auto" settings, this 4 hour hands-on Sunday afternoon workshop at my studio in St. Francisville is for you. Limited to 8 participants.

Learn more here.

Register here

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Senior portrait summer specials- Benefiting with the West Feliciana Animal Shelter
Summer is the time to do custom senior portraits if you want to save and work toward a cause.
For every senior portrait session I do during the summer, I'll donate $15 to the [West Feliciana Animal Shelter] (, and summer sessions are $65 off! Packages are available to take your senior pictures with your best friend or by yourself, with hair and makeup or without. Tara Marie Photography Seniors

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033114 HollandSenior 204e

Senior portrait disc sale
Did you love ALL of your senior pictures? Through June 30th, you can get a disc of all your 2014 senior portraits for $235 plus tax. You can upload and print up to an 8x10 from this disc. Call us to order. 225-634-7229


Head shot special week- Month of July
Is it time for you to have a new head shot?
We now have a simple studio setup for head shots during weekdays. You can make an appointment and get in and out within 30 minutes, with your digital file emailed to you. For the month of July only, head shots will be discounted to $60. This includes in-studio head shots and 1 file to use.


Me in all my glory. Photo by Kaylynn Marie Clark.

I'm Tara Morris of Tara Marie Photography in St. Francisville, Louisiana. I specialize in wedding photography, senior portraits, family portraits, and commercial photography.
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