Thursday, June 12, 2014

Animal Shelter fun

This past year, I've been volunteering with the West Feliciana Parish 4-H Photography Club. On Monday, our club did a very fun service project at the West Feliciana animal shelter. It has been said that animals with great pictures in their online ads get adopted sooner, so we went to the shelter and tried to take pics of the dogs and cats who had been there the longest. Three of the club members attended, and despite some distractions (petting kittens and puppies) they did a great job of these pictures. Then, one of the club members came and edited pictures as well! We experienced the fact that animals move quickly, and you need a high shutter speed, sometimes a high ISO, and to shoot quickly yourself to get good pictures of animals.
The kids did a great job, and I'm proud of them. One of the girls even wrote a blog post about her experience- see it here on the 4H Photography Club Blog.
The pictures that are not watermarked were taken by the 4-H kids.

This dog was beautiful- looks like a Pit and chocolate lab mix to me.

This dog, named "Brown," has got to be a full-blooded red heeler. I'll bet he's one heck of a cow dog. He has only three legs, but I'd be willing to bet he would still try to tear up a rank cow.

What some eyes! All of the cats were so, so gentle and sweet.

I can't believe this guy has been at the pound for nearly a year. He was so much fun. As you can see, he loves the mud.

This dog, (Maggie I think) would've probably been my pick to take home. She was full of energy, but seems like the type that would settle down after she burned her energy. I love her!

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