Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jackie's bridal pictures

Well, today I'm writing this blog post before the wedding and scheduling it to be after the wedding, so that I don't accidentally 1. forget to blog about the bridals, or 2. post this before the wedding and get in big trouble for showing what her dress looks like.

Here's the deal with Jackie and Christopher's wedding- they are getting married on a cruise ship, which I think is a great idea for keeping the wedding process simple. It sounds like the hardest part of the wedding has been picking her dress and getting the engagement and bridal pictures done.

Jackie's dress is so feminine, don't you think? These bridals were taken at Desert Plantation.The stairway pictures are probably subconsciously inspired by AltF Photography, one of my long-time favorite photographers ever. I've been following John Michael Cooper since 2006 I think.

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