Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dillion & Alaina Engagement

Alaina and Dillon took their engagement pictures in some sentimental (and scenic!) locations around Batchelor, LA. It was one shoot in which I wished I had brought my rubber boots! We went out into a wheat field and also in front of a gorgeous barn. The horse images were taken at Dillon's grandpa's house, which will eventually be Dillon and Alaina's house.

I fell in love with Batchelor that day. It was just the kind of place I love- lots of old barns, cows, wheat fields, horses, and just a few nice Cajun people.  I decided that I could definitely live in Batchelor!

After the photo shoot I was starving, so we went to the restaurant Dillon's dad owns- Old River Landing. I got some sort of special roast beef sandwich with cheese whiz or something on it. It was really messy but OH SO GOOD!  I especially enjoyed spending some extra time just visiting with Dillon and Alaina over lunch.


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