Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jeny's Family at the St. Francisville in period costumes for the Pilgrimage- Mothers and Daughters...

I never really understood family dynamics that well until I had my own kids. Now that I have my own two kids, it has shed a new light on the interaction between parents and kids. It's such a difficult, delicate balance between
being firm and being soft;
setting guidelines and then breaking them sometimes;
laughing so hard at the kids and then wanting to throw them out the window (gently);

I could go on and on. I feel fortunate that before I had kids, I delved into the world of horse training. My horse, Tex, is now 6, and I've had him since he was 2. I've shed many tears over that horse- tears of joy, tears of disgust, and tears of frustration.
Horses, just like kids, are naturally going to step on every nerve you have. They will always test and try you. They will always try to take the easiest route possible. They have no understanding of wrong and right without being taught. Yet, when your horse finally learns something you've been working so hard to get through their skull, it's such a rewarding moment.

Young children, I've found, are so very similar. 

Jeny's family traveled from Texas for the pilgrimage in St. Francisville as an educational vacation for the girls. Even though they were not all together (Jeny's husband and son were missing) they still wanted some professional pictures together. The two older girls are twins, and Jeny's mom also joined them from Mississippi.

It was really fun to look through these pictures and see the way the photo shoot played out- the "bug in my eye" meltdown, the loving moments, and the "don't you dare do that" moments. :) I wish I could capture all family portraits like that.


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