Wednesday, May 15, 2013

James Young- upcoming model

James has been following my work for a while and dying to do a photo shoot. Finally, we were able to coordinate our schedules and resources for a really neat shoot in Woodville, MS. The goal was to get him some head shots for his modeling portfolio. He tried really hard to make serious and mysterious faces (and was successful) but the REAL James is the first image- that huge, sweet, genuine smile. I enjoyed my time with him and his brother.
I also had a great helper for lighting that day- Erin, who also did senior pics with me last year. James's pics are also on my (new and improved) instagram account- @taramariephoto.

Speaking of Instagram, I like it a lot! It's hard for me not to go around thinking about "ooh, that would be a cool instagram picture." Thank goodness for Grace (, my graphic designer/social media expert who helps me tame my urges and also set up instagram and twitter CORRECTLY.

Speaking of Grace, she's our part-time graphics designer here in the HUGE (sarcasm) office in my house. She's doing a great job of putting together some really neat albums, custom cards, custom books, and all kinds of designed stuff. My favorite she's designed so far is the senior portrait flush mount album. Grace's youngness (if that's a word) is a great asset here because she has a lot of fresh ideas and always keeps me entertained. We like to listen to Pandora (my Ray Lamontagne station, her Mumford & Sons station) together in the office and sometimes we sing together while editing and/or designing. She talks to herself a lot. Which is interesting.

Grace won't let me take a picture of her yet, but I'm working on that. 

"The end" of my random blog post for the day. Enjoy the shots of James.

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