Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brooklyn's senior portraits (and wild turkeys)

Brooklyn and her mom came together out to my house in St. Francisville in mid-April to do her senior portraits (last minute). :) And during that time....

We were on the golf cart headed toward the back of the property, and rousted up two different groups of wild turkeys! The second group I was able to get a quick shot of with the camera- there were eight turkeys in that group, I think. I see the turkeys pretty often on the road, but not very often on the property. It was neat to see them all fly together. .
If you want the wildlife experience, my house is definitely the place to come. Recently we've had a raccoon invasion at the barn. During my photo shoot yesterday, a hoot owl looked directly at me and hooted at me from VERY close to me. It's not unusual to see deer in the fields catch fish in the ponds or at the creek, or hear coyotes in the distance. At night we fall asleep to the rhythmic sound of bullfrogs on our pond. Most of the time, with the exception of the skunk-on-the-porch experiences (my bedroom still smells a little funny), or when the racoons eat my chickens, I feel so lucky to live out here and see/hear/experience all of this country life I've always dreamed of.


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