Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ashley's Bridal Portraits

The only thing that is not cool about bridal portraits is the fact that I have to WAIT so long to put them on the blog. I took some very, very neat ones today with a red door and a historic church that I would love to be blogging right now. But, since Alaina is not married yet, and Dillon can not see her in her wedding dress, I'll have to settle for blogging someone else's gorgeous bridal portraits from back in January.

I love this wallpaper at Greenwood Plantation and how the light hits it in the afternoons.

Greenwood Plantation bridal portrait. My personal favorite!

This was my first portrait session of 2013. Here, I introduce Ashley Cornett (now Ashley Morgan). She did her bridal portraits at Greenwood Plantation in St. Francisville, LA. I have never seen so many people come to help and participate in a bridal portrait session, but it was really FUN for Ashley to have that many people around! It was like a party. They brought champagne, strawberries, and everyone helped out.
I absolutely love Ashley's hairpiece and veil! I know that not every dress can pull off that sort of veil, nor can every face shape. But Ashley's hair really helped pull it all together. Kudos to the hairdresser.
My favorite photo in this entire set is the one of me looking down at Ashley while she's looking up at me in the stairwell.
Choose to make it a great day!

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