Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7 years ago...

Seven years ago...
I was nervous and couldn't breathe. My dress felt tighter and tighter. I remembered that on the top of my dress, one side was a tiny bit higher than the other, but there was nothing I could do about it now. I remembered that I was hungry.

The Allison Kraus song kept going on and on, and I didn't know what was taking so long.

My friend, Mark, played the most beautiful song on his guitar and sang with his raspy, country- sounding voice that I've always liked since I met him.

As the tack room door opened, I smelled hay, mixed with perfume, mixed with a faint aroma of horses.

My dad gave me an arm to hold on to. Good thing, because I had no idea where I was going and wasn't watching my boots step. I was focused on one face only, out of the 250 or more others there.

It seemed to take forever to make my way through the hay bales, and I felt red and hot in the face from having to be in front of so many people.

I couldn't stop staring.

I forgot to kiss my dad on the cheek.

I heard some words, and FINALLY got to hold his hands.

The preacher made us stop and turn to see the seated blue-jean wearing crowd. I was searching all the faces and recognized so many of them, some who I didn't expect to see. Many had traveled so far. I felt blessed and thankful.

We turned back to each other and I lost all sense of time again. Then, as the preacher began to speak his words again, something strange happened.

All of a sudden, a beam of sunlight peeped UNDER the roof of the barn, parallel with the ground, skipped shining on anyone in the crowd, and shone warmly ONLY on the 9 of us standing in front- me, Josh, his 3 guys, my 3 girls, and the preacher, (Josh's dad.)

I then knew that God was present with us right then and there, blessing and approving of our marriage.

Happy 7 year anniversary, Josh Morris.

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