Friday, November 2, 2012

Lyndsey and Anthony, August 20, 2012

I met Lyndsey at a bridal show, but not in the conventional way a photographer would meet a person at a bridal show! She wasn't engaged, and I wasn't in the show. I was just browsing around, and she was a model among several showing off wedding dresses. I wanted to put together a fashion photo shoot, so I went up to the  group of models, and asked if any of them did any true modeling on the side. She did, and happened to pull a card (I guess out of her bra or shoe, I don't remember) and gave it to me. Later that year (2010) we worked together to coordinate a photo shoot for photographers, and I didn't see her much after that.
When she and Anthony got engaged, she called me up, and I was actually surprised she chose me to be her photographer out of all the photographers she knows and has worked with. Lyndsey and I get along just fine, but we're two different people. I'm country, she's city. I'm low-maintenance, she's fashionable. I'm quiet, she's loud. But, I guess opposites attract.
Later, while in the midst of planning her wedding, she was nice enough to be very involved and help me with the fashion shoot I did this past August.

Lyndsey and Anthony's wedding was at Greystone Country Club in Denham Springs, LA. Hair and Makeup was done by Tina at Verde Beauty Salon, and CV Films did the video. It's hard to say what may have been my favorite part about the wedding, because there were SO many special parts. I guess the most surprising were Anthony's touches. He asked his guys to huddle to help him make the decision of whether to say "I do" or not, and then at the reception, he and his buddies improvised a band situation, with Anthony as lead singer, to serenade Lyndsey with a song called "The Book Of Love." It really was a VERY fun wedding for everybody! I didn't want it to end.


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Sher Creel said...

Tara, these are AWESOME! I love your "eye!" Gives a little different spin to the ordinary wedding pics. Love it!

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