Friday, August 24, 2012

Wally & Chris's Wedding, May 19, 2012, Desert Plantation

Wally and Chris traveled from their home in Washington, DC to join themselves in matrimony during an outdoor Quaker ceremony at Desert Plantation. It was my first experience with a Quaker ceremony. The ceremony began with Wally being walked down the isle by her father, followed by the couple reading their vows to each other. Next, the audience was given the opportunity to bestow verbal blessings on Wally and Chris. Each of their parents spoke. Many siblings, uncles, cousins, and friends stood and either told a story, wished them the best, or just said a kind word. The ceremony closed with the bride and groom exchanging rings and exiting to the nearby reception.
Heirloom Cuisine catered the event with some authentic cajun cuisine with a twist, and Wally and Chris had time to enjoy it during their private dining moment right before entering the reception. Heirloom also provided one of my favorites-late night beignets and coffee!
Confections by Michelle baked the cake. 

Two of Wally and Chris's friends put in a lot of extra time and effort into this wedding- one made the photo wall that was a big hit at the reception. The other friend drove all the way from D.C. to DJ the event with his old record collection. 
What a wedding! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jim and Blaine, The Bluffs Wedding, St. Francisville, LA

Jim and Blaine Imhoff had their wedding at The Bluffs in St. Francisville. The little chapel at the Bluffs is SO gorgeous! The wood floors, the way the light comes in the windows, and the old pews are just beautiful for pictures. The restaurant is a wonderful setup for receptions and rehearsal dinners as well. This place is gorgeous and a wonderful place for a smaller crowd. I also really like doing bridal portraits at the chapel.

Blaine and Jim met while working together at the nursing home in St. Francisville. I loved that they did the "first look" for their pictures, because we were able to use the beautiful light in the chapel and do some really nice pictures of the two of them.

One funny story about their wedding day- When Blaine came into the first look, she teared up a bit and had no handkerchief. The only thing I had was a pair of (slightly used) black socks in my camera bag. So, she used one black sock to wipe her tears and then ended up needing the pair to wear under her boots for the reception.... TM

Monday, August 13, 2012

Frame choices

Here are the choices of frames that we offer (if you choose to have me frame your photo). Most brides get the framed upgrade for their bridal portrait picture to display at the wedding.

1 09 10