Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding details of note- Saint Francisville Wedding Photos

Pinterest has really influenced the weddings I've done lately! Here are some details from this year's weddings that I just think are the coolest things! 

Amber rode in to the plantation wedding on the tailgate of this truck that Clay helped rebuild. Best entrance to a wedding ever! It was a big hit with the guests.

I love the Mr and Mrs signs from the photo booth!

Julie & Tommy incorporated a car that her dad rebuilt.

Amber & Clay's signs for people coming in out of town.

Amber & Clay's signs for people coming in out of town.

Chalkboard sign from Amber & Clay's plantation wedding in South Louisiana.

Custom koozies and Dr Peppers in a rustic crate.

The moonshine- I can't say enough how much of a hit this was at the wedding! I do hope (and believe) that all germs are killed by moonshine, because this jug was passed around to nearly every guest at the wedding until it was empty.

Photobooth chalkboard sign

I liked the initials on the cake that Stephanie baked and decorated herself, with the help of an aunt.
Custom serving pieces from Brooke & Troy's Desert Plantation Wedding. The silver tray was an heirloom from her family.

Blake & Michal had custom toasting glasses beside their cake.

Amber & Clay had a mason jar sort of theme for their wedding. These were for people to drink out of. What a great idea.

The koozies, crates, and moonshine at Amber & Clay's rustic plantation wedding. Awesome.

A sparkler exit. These are all family members making the different letters.

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