Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michal & Blake, St Francisville Louisiana Engagement Portraits,

Michal and Blake's wedding is today at Desert Plantation in Woodville, MS (it's just across the border from St. Francisville, LA). It's my last wedding or photo shoot of any sort before this baby comes. I'm due with our 2nd child, a little boy, on March 5th, but I'm already dilated to 3 cm.
Maybe I'm crazy for taking a wedding this close to the due date, but when Michal called to try and schedule me for her wedding, I made sure that my friend, Kaylynn, was available to be my 2nd photographer (aka "backup photographer") for this wedding, and that Emily was also available to be the lighting assistant (aka "emergency driver to the hospital.") I feel pretty good, and luckily, Michal didn't need many hours for this wedding.
On my latest photo shoots, it seems like the more I get up and move around, the better I feel. If it wasn't for the big belly getting in the way, sometimes it seems easy to forget about being pregnant.

Back to Michal and Blake, though. They came out to my house in the country to do their engagement pictures. I especially liked their outfits! Our afternoon together started with some warm sunlight, followed by clouds, followed by rain. It made some beautiful pictures.

One funny part of this shoot is that my crazy cat, who loves to go on walks with me down the long driveway, wanted to go on a walk with Blake & Michal also! So she ended up in a few of the pictures.

Here are some of my very favorites from their shoot. It was hard to pick the favorites....


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I love these! My favorites are the ones with the rain clouds.

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