Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michal & Blake, St Francisville Louisiana Engagement Portraits,

Michal and Blake's wedding is today at Desert Plantation in Woodville, MS (it's just across the border from St. Francisville, LA). It's my last wedding or photo shoot of any sort before this baby comes. I'm due with our 2nd child, a little boy, on March 5th, but I'm already dilated to 3 cm.
Maybe I'm crazy for taking a wedding this close to the due date, but when Michal called to try and schedule me for her wedding, I made sure that my friend, Kaylynn, was available to be my 2nd photographer (aka "backup photographer") for this wedding, and that Emily was also available to be the lighting assistant (aka "emergency driver to the hospital.") I feel pretty good, and luckily, Michal didn't need many hours for this wedding.
On my latest photo shoots, it seems like the more I get up and move around, the better I feel. If it wasn't for the big belly getting in the way, sometimes it seems easy to forget about being pregnant.

Back to Michal and Blake, though. They came out to my house in the country to do their engagement pictures. I especially liked their outfits! Our afternoon together started with some warm sunlight, followed by clouds, followed by rain. It made some beautiful pictures.

One funny part of this shoot is that my crazy cat, who loves to go on walks with me down the long driveway, wanted to go on a walk with Blake & Michal also! So she ended up in a few of the pictures.

Here are some of my very favorites from their shoot. It was hard to pick the favorites....


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Storybook Coffee Table Albums vs Wedding Books

The main difference between the bottom wedding package and the other three is the 10x10 wedding book versus the 10x10 storybook coffee table album. Here's a short comparison:
BOOK - 1/4" thick at the spine,   ALBUM- 1-2" thick at the spine
BOOK- thin, paper-like pages   ALBUM- Thick, board-feeling pages
BOOK- 20 pages   ALBUM- 24 pages
BOOK- Picture or leather cover   ALBUM- Leather or upgraded premium cover with picture or premium leather

Both are custom-designed, but the album has more pages and is made at a much higher quality. Here are some pictures for comparison. 


Monday, February 20, 2012

Tiffany & Derek- 11-11-11

Derek & Tiffany's wedding was a beautiful small wedding in the middle of nowhere, Mississippi. Okay, technically, the town was Liberty, MS, and the church was a beautiful little historic country white church. It was perfect for their personalities. Derek and Tiffany are both the type of people you'd want as friends because they would always be there for you in a pinch. They remind me of the country song, "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are."

Thanks, Derek and Tiffany, for the honor of letting me be part of your 11-11-11 wedding!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


These are some shots taken with the new iPhone 4s, including, might I add, the flowers my super-husband sent me today!
I'm usually not the type to splurge on electronics, but I've been due for a phone upgrade for a long time, and I couldn't resist the camera in this baby. I took these with the app "camera+".

Sometimes when I get in a funk I like to go for walks around our house to clear my head, and I always take my phone in case I see something picture-worthy. I always do.

While using the iPhone to take pictures, I've unexpectedly learned something- how to really look at light. You would think that I should have learned that a long time ago, being a photographer and all, but for so long, I've relied more on my off-camera flashes than on available light.

With my old 3Gs iPhone, there was no flash, so I really had to look carefully at the light source before taking a picture of the yellow mushroom, or the red leaves, or the interesting grey mold pattern on a tree that I would encounter on my walks. And surprisingly, it has translated into my overall approach to photo shoots and made me a better photographer. I wish I could say the same for the iPhone's auto-spell-corrector tool....


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