Monday, January 16, 2012

Imaging USA- New Orleans - a national photography conference

Today was the first full day of Imaging USA, a national conference held by Professional Photographers of America. I wasn't planning to go originally, but since it was in New Orleans, just two hours from my house, and since I had a friend to ride and room with, why not?
These conferences consist of multiple lectures to choose from during time slots throughout the day, depending on what you want to learn about. Here, there is also a large trade show with over 100 vendors sporting their photography-based products, from albums to online hosting, from credit card processing to websites.

I learned a tremendous amount early this 7 am morning from a young couple out of Nashville, Zach & Jody Gray. I was impressed with their passion for not only weddings, but for the Lord and for the institution of marriage as a whole! I took a ton of notes during the seminar (but this could have been slightly coffee-induced) and feel like I was able to internalize a LOT of applicable info from them.

My 2nd favorite part of the day was the 2nd-line entrance to the trade show grand opening at 11:00, complete with Mardi Gras umbrellas and a live jazz band. That's mostly because I find south Louisiana's culture fascinating, and others' lack of understanding of it amusing. Here's a picture of some of us who actually know what a 2nd line dance is- some of my local photographer home-chicks.

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